Woolwich Transport History
Some More Photographs

Metro scania bus on route 99

This Metro Scania was an experimental bus, which was used by London Transport on service 99. It was the only one of its kind. This bus ran from Woolwich and Erith via Bostal Hill and upper Belverdere. This photo was taken in Woolwich, General Gordon Place. To the middle left of the photo is the Woolwich Arsenal train station which has now been rebuilt to modern standards. The big building to the right of the photo has been knocked down and a Video rental store and a super market have been built, above these are offices.

London Transport Service 99. Metro Scania VWD 451H. March 1970.
Photograph: John  King

Woolwich ferry roundabout

A Routemaster on service 180 on the Woolwich ferry roundabout. (Woolwich High Street - Woolwich Church Street - John Wilson Street). The Odeon cinema can be seen to the left of the picture. This became the Coronet, but is now closed. 
Sunset on a day in August 1970. 
Service 180. Abbey Wood and Lower Sydenham. 
RM 1312. 312 CLT 

Photograph.  John King

Beresford Street with 180 bus

A picture of Beresford Street, Woolwich before alterations. A Routemaster on service 180 on, 21 April 1978 the last day buses operated in Beresford Street before being diverted along Powis Street, a newly created pedestrian area. It was soon changed again when it was found not to be a good idea to send buses along a pedestrian precinct. The road has been widened to a dual carriage way. The power station & chimneys have gone, one of the chimneys has already been demolished. The other two were blown up not long after. The large block to the left is Riverside House. 

RM 1077. 77 CLT on Service 180 Abbey Wood - Lower Sydenham Station via Abbey Estate.
Photogreaph.: John  King.

The same place, and date as the above picture, a routemaster 180 makes its way to Abbey Wood. A 177 DMS can be seen in the distance. This road now widened to dual carriageway was the site of the ill fated 'Auto Stacker' the automatic car parking system. A car was driven in at the ground floor, an attendant pressed buttons and the car was lifted up and parked automatically. Unfortunately it broke down and after many attempts at mending it, it never worked and was eventually pulled down. The story goes that at the opening ceremony, a car was taken up and parked, when it was to be retrieved it got stuck, and was up there for weeks.
Photograph.  John  King.

177 Beresford Square

DMS 177 in Beresford Street, Woolwich. At the Beresford Square bus stop. This was the last day of operation of buses in Beresford Street. They were to be routed through the shopping centre which had recently been pedestrianised. all in the picture has now gone and been replaced by a dual carriage way.

DMS 711. TGX 711M Service 177 Thamesmead - Elephant and Castle. 21 April 1978.

Photograph. John King.

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