Paying in the Takings

The cash office at AW, Abbey Wood garage in September 1970. The cash tables can be seen and the paying in counter. The cards displayed on the desks are ready reckoners to help count up totals for tickets sold, not so easy in the days of Pounds shillings and pence. It can be noted under one of the table legs a tobacco tin, presumably to stop it wobbling. The chap is a driver probably waiting for his conductor.
Photograph. John King.

How to arrange a tray to save time when paying in, is the useful advice penciled in on this notice from the 1960's displayed at Abby Wood garage until decimalisation came in February 1971. It was then replaced with a new one. Ten minutes was the time allowed for conductors to pay in the days takings.

In London Transport days even the cash bags for coins had the London Transport name endorsed on them. The blue bag of mixed decimal bronze would date from after February 1971.

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