Bexley Council Tramways

Tram 11
Tram 11, Bexley  Council Tramways. being used for track repairs. Possibly in Erith Road, Barnhurst, with Northumberland Heath over the brow of the hill, and Barnehurst Station a little further along the road. See Below, if so it would have met with the Erith Council Cars at the top of the hill. 

RT 2309, KGU 338 on service 229, Woolwich - Orpington Station. Seen here at Erith Road, Barnehurst. At the top of the hill is Northumberland Heath The green fields would have been covered with housing in the 1930s.
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March 1971.
Photograph John King

Bexley Council Tramway Conductor Susan Ager. Possibly taken around the time of WW1. In the 1940s she used to tell her grandchildren about giving the local children free rides down East Hill, Dartford.
Many thanks for the photograph to Ian Ager.
Bexley Council Tramways opened in 1903 with a route from 'The Plume and Feathers', Plumstead to Gravel Hill, Bexleyheath. A branch line also ran from Bexleyheath to Northumberland Heath, Erith. Where it met the Erith cars. Through running was established from Plumstead to Woolwich in July 1908. 

Dartford tramways were established in 1906, but on the night of  6th August 1917 a fire at the depot destroyed all the trams. Bexley took over the running of the Dartford routes. It was possible to go by tram from Horns Cross, on the London Road near Bluewater to Woolwich.

London Transport took over the routes in 1933. Woolwich to Horns Cross became No 96. The branch to Northumberland Heath along with the Erith route to Abbey Wood became 98.

Trolleybuses took over these routes in 1935 with a '6' being added to the begining of the number. The 696 trolleybus however only went to Dartford. Motor buses took over in 1959, with the route number reverting to 96, Woolwich to Dartford, in recent years the 96 bus has been extended to Bluewater, not far from the original destination of the tram at Horns Cross..

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