Route 229 RTs

RT840 on service 229. Woolwich - Orpington Station, seen here at The Harrow Inn, Abbey Wood.Much changed now with a flyover from Thamesmead behind the pub, and a large roundabout on the green in the background. This was the terminus of  tram routes from London. Before WWII, a favourite place for a Sunday day out for Londoners. August 1970
Photograph John King

RT 422. HLX 239. Service 229 ( Woolwich - Orpington Station) on its way to Bexleyheath market Place. Outside Erith swimming pool, Walnut Tree Road. Erith High Street is to the right of the picture behind the bus and West Street to the left. The Thames can be seen in the distance. There was a level crossing accross the road here to take a line to the river front. The gates were where the wall is on the extreme left of the picture. The old Erith tram yard was near here. 24 May 1975.
Photograph. Steve Thoroughgood.

RT 2309, KGU 338 on service 229, Woolwich - Orpington Station. Seen here at Erith Road, Barnhurst. At the top of the hill is Northumberland Heath. A little further on is Barnehurst Station.
The Woolwich - Bexleyheath section of the route, along with the same section of route 132 replaced the 698 trolleybus service. This section of the route is covered by service 469. The 229 now runs from Thamesmead to Sidcup only.March 1971.
Photograph John King

A speeding RT on route 229 in Gilbert Road, Belvedere. At one time there was a double bend into Picardy Street. The co-op was across the road just here. There was another double bend at the station into Lower Road. When this photograph was taken a dual carriageway had replaced all of this.
circa. 1970.
Photograph John King

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