Bexley Village

SMA13  is seen on Greenline route 725 in Bexley Village 1973. Greenline 725 was inaugarated on 1 July 1953 between Dartford and Windsor, and later extended from Dartford to Gravesend. The 725 service was a 'London orbital' route, commencing at Gravesend and travelling via Dartford, Bexley, Bromley, Croydon and Hampton Court to Windsor. 

At the time of the route being inaugurated, I was living in Hurst Road which runs between the centre of Bexley and Sidcup Station on the 725 route. Prior to the first RF coach running, we were informed that the 725 was an experimental route (not running through central London/Westminster) and would run at one per hour for six months when its future would be re-evaluated. The coaches were supplied from two garages; "NF", Northfleet and "ST", Staines and ran from Gravesend to Windsor. By the end of the trial period, on Saturdays, I often noticed at each hour two 30ft RF coaches "NF", One 27ft RF "private hire" coach "NF" and one country area 30ft RF bus "DT", Dartford, the last one running from Dartford to Croydon only. After that trial period, coaches ran every half-hour with Dartford garage still supplying reliefs between Dartford and Croydon as required.

       Although I was still at school in 1953, I did take special note of this route and when I stayed late at school, would often catch the 725 from Beckenham to Hurst Road (we had a stop outside our house). However in all of that time, I only ever took one photograph of the route.
The photograph was taken in 1955

           Photograph and Comments:-  Derek W Wright

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