BEA and BOAC Airport Buses

BOAC airport bus
LYF306D, a BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) airport bus (Leyland Atlantean) at Victoria air terminus, in Buckingham Palace Road. It was used to ferry passengers to Heathrow airport from central London This company was half of what is now British Airways. June 1968
Photograph John King

BEA airport bus with trailer

A BEA (British European Airways) Routmaster bus with trailer, used for runs to Heathrow airport from the West London Air terminus September 1968 BEA was the other half of what is now British Airways.
BEA28 NMY 628E. These buses were run by London Transport
Photograph John King

BEA bus

Another air bus from BEA this time BEA63 NMY 663E outside the West London air terminus.
These buses are of the RMF type (later designated RMA) and are the only buses to tow a trailer.
Photograph John King

This is RMF 1254.Which was built as a demonstrator in 1962. It went to several operators around the country. From 1964 to 1966 it was trialed as an airport bus for BEA, in which it towed trailers from the West London Air Terminal to Heathrow Airport. It was a success and 65 similar vehicles were ordered, but these were of the standard 27ft 6in type as seen the above photographs. In November 1966 it was sold to Northern General where it joined their own RMF's and remained in service there for a further 13 years.

Photograph from Geoff Bannister.

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