Plumstead High Street

Starting at the Woolwich end of Plumstead High Street we see a Bexley Car on its way to Bexleyheath. 

This is from Plumstead Bridge, Plumstead Station. The road on the right of the picture by the horse and cart is Griffin Hill. On the left behind the trees is Plumstead coal yard. The coalman can be seen further along the road.

Almost the same place at a later date, around 1950. London Transport car 1877 on route 36 to Abbey Wood is about to pass a 36 in the other direction on its way to Victoria Embankment.

It is at this point there was a trolleybus reverser to enable trolleybuses to turn around by reversing into Griffin Road.

An RTL on service 99 in Plumstead High Street near Lakedale Road on its way to Erith. This in the early 1950s. Is that an off duty busman looking in the window of Mence Smith.

London Transport car No 1856 at the Abbey Wood end of Plumstead High Street. The tram is about to enter the very bottom of Bostal Hill before turning left into Basildon Road.

The prefabs (prefabricated homes) were a temporary measure during the war to house the many people made homeless by the bombing. They lingered on into the 1960s. Even then many people were reluctant to leave when the time came to move on.

The bottom of Bostal Hill, with Plumstead High Street just a few yards behind,  car No 1915 has just joined the tram only wires to Abbey Wood after sharing the positive trolleybus wires all the way from the ferry. As the road was wider here overtaking between trolley and tram was allowed.
The lorry seems a bit too close for comfort in the picture.


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