Dalston Transport History

The Albion Drive entrance to Dalston Garage. A narrow street for buses to manoeuvre back and forth on 3 April 1971. The RM is on route 9,.Mortlake - Hyde Park Corner - Trafalgar Square - Liverpool Street Station (weekdays) Becontree Heath (Sundays)
Photograph. John King.

A red RF467 (MXX444) on route 236 (Leyton - Finsbury Park Station) outside the Havelock Arms in Albion Drive Dalston. 3 April 1971.
Photograph. John King.

An RLH on route 178 on a back street somewhere in the East End. Does anyone know where?
3 April 1971.
Photograph. John King.
S Murray says:-
The RLH is in Lee Conservansy Road passing the Lesney toy factory coming from Homerton High Street, going to Stratford via Carpenters Road .low bridge

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