Bus & Tram Depots

Abbey Wood Garage
RT's lined up in Abbey Wood garage (AW) all on service 180. September 1968
RT 3996. (LUC 155)  RT 2914. (MLL 661). RT 654. (JXC 17)  RT 1934. (LUC 14)
AW was an ex tram depot. services 72, 44, 46, 36, 38.
Photograph. John King

Penhill Road Charlton. Scrapyard

The last resting place of London's Trams. Penhall Road, Charlton. As the trams were scrapped they came here as they were withdrawn from service. The Central Repair Depot of the LCC Tramways was located at Charlton, and as such, was one of the most advanced depots in the country. It was not very far away from Penhall Road in Feltram Way, just off the Woolwich Road. In Later days it catered for trolleybuses as well.The Central Repair Depot has now disapeared, after being used by different firms. one of which was Airfix. All that is left now is a few yards of the entrance road. 1952

London Trasport's, Plumstead bus garage, (AM) on the corner of Wickham Lane and King's Highway, Plumstead, which closed on 17 Oct 1981. Seen here on 25 January 1983. After its closure and before demolition. a Great Mills DIY store now occupies the site.AM was allocated the routes 99 122, and 122a, and shared the 53 with New Cross. (NX). Services from AM were moved to a new depot in Plumstead Road, Woolwich along with those from Abbey Wood (AW), which was also closed.
Photograph. Steve Thoroughgood.

Erith Council Tramways, tram 13. in the Erith tram yard, Walnut Tree Road. When London Transport took them over they replaced the trams with trolleybuses. 

Photographed in 1978 just before demolition is the old Erith tram depot. Last used for trams in 1935. After which it was a council depot.
Photograph. Steve Thoroughgood.


Bexley Tram depot, Broadway, Bexleyheath. It closed for trams when they were converted to trolleybuses and used the purpose built deop in Erith Road. Like Erith this was used by the council.
March 1971.
Photograh. John King.

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