Cheshunt Transport

RMC 1463. 463 CLT on Greenline route 715. Guilford - Oxford Circus - Hertford. Seen here in Turners Hill, Cheshunt in September 1970. The RF is on route 310.
Photograph. John King.

RF 567. NLE 567. on service 310 Enfield - Hertford Going to Hertford. Seen in the same place as the above photograph. This is the first year of London Country buses. September 1970
Photograph. John King.
Many thanks to Ian Fletcher Who informs me that.

The two pictures are taken in Turners Hill, Cheshunt facing North. The square  grey and white building is the Old English Gentleman PH which remains, although the CO OP has long gone. I used both routes mentioned on numerous occasions at the time of the photos, it seems just like yesterday!

See the same place in 2009, including a 310 bus.

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