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108 Blackwall tunnel approach road
The junction of Blackwall tunnel approach and Woolwich Road just after the completion of the flyover which carries the A102(M) over the Woolwich Road, (A206). Before this was built the roads about were often at a standstill for hours at a time because of a problem in the tunnel. The bottom of Westcombe Hill is now a quite cul-de-sac where traffic queued at the lights on its way from Blackheath. The new single decker 108 bus can be seen on its way to Eltham. The bus behind a 177 RT type on route to Abbey Wood.

MB 18 (ex MBA18) SMM 18F on service 108. Eltham - Blackheath - Blackwall Tunnel - Poplar - Bow. 
August 1970

Photograph. John King

Another picture of MB 18. SMM 18F. in almost the same place under the Woolwich Road flyover of the Blackwall Tunnel approach road. Seen here a month earlier in July 1970.
Photograph. John King

See a picture of this bus as MBA18 on Red Arrow at Victoia

70 bus at Greenwich Church

 A number 70 bus at its Greenwich Church terminus with the Cutty Sark in the background. The traffic is still no better. 
August 1970. 
SMS 56. AML 56H London Transport service 70. (Waterloo - Surrey Docks - Greenwich). 
Photograph. John King

This photograph taken in August 1968 shows a rather spratan Greenwich High Road compared with today. Gone are all the semi-deralict shops and other buildings to be replaced by new modern buildings.
A crowd can be seen boarding the 185 RT bus going to Victoria, from Blackwall Tunnell. This was a replacement bus route for the 58 tram.
Photograph. John King

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