On the Deck

inside lower deck of tram
The lower deck of a London Tram. c. 1952. Looking through the windows it may be proceding through Woolwich Market. The seating capacities of trams was over 70, but on special occasions such as football matches it is claimed that over 100 were carried.

Photograph. W D Chalklin

Driving tram

Driver Joe Buckley at the controls of a tram, this looks like the lower end of Eltam Hill not far from Eltham Green. 
c. 1952 

Photograph. W D Chalklin

Lower deck of RT 374

Inside the lower saloon of RT 374 HLX 191 on service 177. Trafalgar Road Greenwich August 1967. The seating capacity of the RT is 56. 30 up and 26 down.

Photograph. John King.

inside rt

Another picture inside an RT at Woolwich Road Charlton. This time the interior lights are on. August 1967. 

Photograph. John King

inside MBS

Above inside MBS 234. SMM 234F (reregestered before going into service to VLW 234 G) 
and below  MB 151. VLW 151G 

Very similar in layout except that in the MBS the front seats have been left out to make standing room for passengers. Also the MBS has a turnstile entry system. The seating capacity for the MB is 45, for MBS it is 32 + 34 standees.The MBA vehicles used on the Red Arrow service is 25 seated + 48 standees.
August 1968 
Photos John King

Inside an MB

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