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Trolleybus 1389 (DGY 389) on service 698 (Woolwich-Bexleyheath via Abbey Wood and Erith), and Tram 578 on service 36/38 Abbey Wood - Victoria Embankment - Abbey Wood, in Plumstead Road. Near the Middle Arsenal Gates.

This was the terminus for the 40 tram, (rush hours it was extended to Wickham Lane) Destination blinds called the place WOOLWICH PERROTT STREET, but locals called it Middle Gates (of the Arsenal) Car 578 is waiting for another car on the crossover in front to get ready for the return to London before carring on the Abbey Wood istelf. Mean while the conductor is lowering the trolly pole for the trolleybus to pass on this shared wire section.At this point trams and trolleys shared the overhead. Unlike McLoud Road where the overhead was separate which allowed for overtaking

A child is peering out of a window on the top deck of the tram, watching the trolley poles go by.  The premises of Ralph Price cycles can be see on the right of the picture, outside the latest cycles for sale, and a customers cycle parked at the kerb. This in the days before such things had to be locked up in case they were stolen.

There were shops most of the way along one side of the road, the other side was dominated by the Arsenal wall. This road has been widened to five lanes, two each was plus a bus lane in the direction of Woolwich. A little further along the road the wall has been replaced by the new Plumstead bus garage.

Trolleybus 1389. DGY389. class L.3 AEC chassisless 6 wheel construction. Body, Metro-Cammel-Weyman Motor Bodies.
Tram. 578 Class E/1 rehabilitated.

Tram 1840. class E/1 on service 36 Abbey Wood - Victoria Embankment - Abbey Wood returning via Westminster. In Plumstead Road outside the covered Market, Woolwich. Two trolleybuses can be seen behind.

Tram 1935. class E/3 on service 38 Abbey Wood - Victoria Embankment - Abbey Wood returning via Blackfriars. In Plumstead Road not far from the Woolwich Arsenal Middle Gates.

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