RT's on Service 177

177 Blackfrairs
RT 1148. JXN 176. showing a routemaster rear blind. Seen at the Blackfriars end of Victoria Embankment shortly after the underpass had been opened (seen on the right of the picture)  Service 177, Abbey Wood - Embankment - Abbey Wood. via Blackfriars or Westminster. 
circa. August 1970 
Photo John King.

RT 3705. NLE 812 on a 177. starting the journey at the first stop after leaving Abbey Wood garage. It is in Knee Hill outside the Harrow Inn. Looking different in August 1970.
Photograph. John King.

177 Lambeth Road

RT 374. HLX 191 at the Elephant and Castle bus stand in Lambeth Road (St George's Circus). Service 177 Abbey Wood - Victoria Embankment - Abbey Wood. via Westminster or Blackfriars. Saturday afternoon and Sundays Elephant and Castle only. 
August 1967. 
Photo John King.

177 Elephant & Castle bus stand

RT 1800. KYY 653. Service 177 in the same place as the above picture. This time in winter, it looks quite bleak. Over the wall is an underground depot. Further along Lambeth road is the Imperial War Museum. Before this it was the original Bedlem (Bethlehem Hospital) 
March 1968. 
Photo John King.

RT 4778. OLD 565. in Abbey Wood Garage. June 1970. It is probably waiting for another journey to London. 'Buy your COMET Hair Cutter NOW!' proclaims the advertisement. What is a Comet hair cutter?

David Beckwith writes:-
A Comet Hair Cutter is a small, comb-like plastic gadget which houses a couple of razor blades to cut/trim/groom/shave.  I have used one for over 30 years!  However, I recently dropped mine and the plastic teeth broke making it dangerous to use.  I thought I would try to find a modern equivalent, so searched for Comet Hair Cutter on the Web and your site came top of the list!!  The only other correct reference was to a New Zealand company, http://www.woodville.co.nz/cat05.htm, who sell antiques and collectables. They had a picture of it with its box, but it was sold!

Photograph. John King.

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