Tottenham Court Road

176 bus
An RT on route 176 seen in Tottenham Court Road, at the junction with Capper Street and Howland Street.
RT 573. HLX 390 on service 176 Willesdon - Forest Hill. September 1975
Photograph. John King

629 trollybus

629 trollybus in Tottenham Court Road. The same place as above but in the 1950s, as can also be seen in the above picture the Mortimer Arms is still there, and still is (2001) 
The road is still two way, and the traffic is much lighter. This is the terminus of the 629, the overhead can be seen turning into Howland Street.

Trollybus 1354 (EXV 354) Class K2, an all Leyland product.
Service 629 Enfield Town - Tottenham Court Road

73 RM

Yet another view of the same part of Tottenham Court Road. This time in September 1975..
RM 1366. 366 CLT. On Service 73 Stoke Newington - Hammersmith.
Photograph. John King

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