Bexleyheath (BX) Garage

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Photograph. Steve Thoroughgood,

RM 257. VLT 257. On service 122, This service was from Plumstead (AM) garage, before going to the new Plumstead Garage (PD). RM 8. VLT 8 on service 229. This was shared between Bexleyheath (BX) and Sidcup (SP). RM 8 was stationed at SP. The 122, along with all Plumstead's routes went over to MD operation. 19 May 1979.

RM 8. was the first production Routemaster to be built, it entered stock on 7 March 1961. Its first public appearance was at the Commercial Motor Show in October 1958. It was based at Chiswick, and used as a experimental and development vehicle. In 1975 vandal set fire to RM 1368. RM 8 was sent out as a replacement. So RM 8 finally saw active service at Sidcup garage in 1976. This made it the first to be built and the last to enter passenger service. Whilst at Sidcup (SP) It was used on routes 21, 51, 161, 228, and as can be seen above 229. This bus is now preseved by the RM8 Group.

For more on RM 8, and the RM 1368 fire got to the Routemaster  Operators & Owners Association.

Bexleyheath Garage (BX) was purpose built for trolleybus operation in 1935, it was London's only new sole purpose trolleybus depot. The old Bexley tram depot was unsuitable and the old Erith depot had been disposed of. BX was officially opened on Sunday 10 November 1935, with the inauguration of the 698 trolleybus service which replaced the 98 tram. The 696 had to wait until 24 November. On the 29th June 1944 havoc was caused at the depot due to enemy action when a 'Doodle bug' fell on the depot. Trolleybus operation ceased on 3 March 1959, the first casualties of trolleybus withdrawals in London. Bus route 229 was extended from Bexleheath to Woolwich to cover the 698 route. Route 96 was introduced to cover the 696. Trolleybuses in other parts of London were replaced with routemaster buses, here at Bexleheath it was RTs. Routemasters came to this part of London in the late 1970s as they were withdrawn from other parts of London. The 96 was converted direct from RT to DMS operation. Now Bexleyheath Garage is the home of Central Buses.

See BX as a Trolleybus depot.

MD 1. KJD 201P.On service 122, taken in the same place as the above picture on 18 May 1980. The 122 was unusual in having a trolleybus depot as one of it's terminals.
Photograph. Steve Thoroughgood

Two Maidstone District Fleetlines on the fourcourt of BX, These were used on private hire in the area on Sunday's, they parked on the garage forcourt ready for the return journey to the medway towns later in the day.
DH18. 619 DKT. and DL10. November 1967.
Photograph. John King.

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