The RT Family

The RT Family all together in Abbey Wood garage during August 1968.
RTL 1232. LYR 764. Staff bus
RTW 399. LLU 549. Training bus
RT 2096. MLL 653. In service on 177.
Photo John King

RTs were built between  1939-1942 and 1947-1954. At first RTs had a roof box number at both back and front, later ones at the front only. The last ones had no roof box the route number being incorporated in the destination blind layout. Number built 4825. 

RTLs were built between 1948-1954. RTLs were built by Leyland being modified to make the similar to the standard RT. Number built 1631. 

RTWs were built between 1949-1950, and were the first 8 ft wide buses used in London. They were also built by Leyland and modified to resemble the RT. Number built 500.

An experimental coach RTC 1. (FXT 272) was built in 1940. It was to form a large fleet of Greenline coaches, but was not carried on with. Number built 1.

RT 1529. KGU 243 Service 177. and RTW 28. KGK 528. Training bus, seen here in Abbey Wood Garage. 
September 1968. 
Photo John King

RTL 1232. LYR 764. Used as a staff bus, seen here  in Abbey Wood Garage. 
September 1968. 
Photo John King

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