Woolwich Market

MB 1623. WMT 623G. On service 122a.  Woolwich - Erith, via Oakhampton Crescent.
Proceeding through Beresford Square on its way to Erith. The gates to the Royal Arsenal can be seen in front of the bus.
all pictures on this page were taken on Saturday 9 November 1974. This was the last day of Merlin operation on routes 99 122a. The next day they became operated by DMS.
Photograph. John King

MB 1625. AML 625H on service 99 making its way through Woolwich Market on a busy Saturday evening. The blind has been changed already and is showing the bus working a short to Upper Belvedere, Eardly Arms. Since this time the Market after decades of complaint about traffic making its way through the market, first trams then buses, and cars has become traffic free. The character of the market went with the traffic.
Photograph.  John King

MB 1650. AML 650H. On Service 99. Woolwich - Erith via Upper Belvedere.
Making its way to Erith through the shoppers in Woolwich Market.
This area has now been paved over and the main road moved from in front of the Arsenal gates to behind them.
Photograph. John King

MB 1665. AML 665H.  The route 99 bus squeezes its way through Woolwich market between the market stalls one side and a taxi on the other. This bus has just come from Erith and the driver has wound the destination blind on already for the return journey. An RT can be seen just entering Beresford Street from Beresford Square in the background. 
Photograph. John King

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