Hare Street, Woolwich

RTs in Hare Street Woolwich. Service RT3775 (NLE 882) on route 161a at the front, it is running a short to Chislehurst War Memorial. Around half the buses went here while the full route was to Petts Wood. Another bus is on RT2086 (LYF 24) on route 161 which runs to either Chislehurst or Sidcup Garage. The other buses behind could be on routes 51, 96, 229 or 132.
July 1970.
Photograph. John King

RT 1934. LUC 14. on service 161a in Hare Street, Woolwich. Previously buses terminated around the corner in Powis Street, near Parsons Hill. Hare Street was full with traffic queuing for the Woolwich Ferry. Hare Street was one way for this reason.

July 1967

Photograph. John King


Another view of the road, this this time from the top of a bus. The ferry was previously directly ahead across the main road. Ferry approach has now been built over by the Waterfront Lesiure Centre.
March 1970
Photograph. John King

RM 759. WLT 759 on service 180 waits for a return trip to Abbey Wood via Abbey Estate while doing a short working. This is towards the bottom of Hare Strret outside The Prince Albert public house, (locally known as Rose's.)
September 1970.
Photograph. John King

A couple of years earlier in June 1968 is the date of this photograph of Hare Street. Showing a little more of the road than the previous picture, taken from Woolwich High Street. The RT is on route 96, with the one behind possibly on a short working 177.
Photograph. John King

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