Last Day RTs on Routes 99 & 163

99 and 163, Plumstead Road
Two RT's in Plumstead Road Woolwich in the pouring rain. This is the junction with Beresford Square and Woolwich New Road. Working on services 163 and 99. This is on Friday 23 January 1970. This was the last day of operation of service 163, and the last day of crew operation of service 99, on Saturday they became driver operated MBs.
Most of what can be seen in the picture has now been demolished. First of all the Royal Mortar Tavern on the corner of the road, then the Arsenal wall at the back which is now a dual carriage way. The only thing left is the Arsenal Gates, just out of sight on the left of the picture.

Service 163. Plumstead Common - Parliament Hill Fields, via Greenwich, Camberwell Green, Westminster and Tottenham Court Road.

Service 99. Woolwich - Edith via Upper Belvedere.

Photograph.  John King

RT 4333. NLE 997. The last day of 163 operation in SE London. The 163 was a replacement for the 40 tram. The 40 was the last tram route in London, who's last journey started a couple of hundred yards to the right of this picture.
Photograph.  John King

A bicycle races RT3029. NLE919 on route 99 through Beresford Square on Friday 23 January 1970. This is the last day of RT operation on the 99. Tomorrow they will convert to MB, driver only operation.
Photograph.  John King

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