Plumstead Common Transport History

Routemaster 53 Plumstead Common
Service 53 Plumstead Common - Camden Town. Seen here in 'Birds Nest Hollow', Plumstead Common Road. The block of flats in the background, are built on the site of the old Globe cinema. 

RM 1353 - 353 CLT. 
March 1976 
Photograph. John King

RT 51 Plumstead Common

Service 51 Woolwich - Farnborough, George and Dragon. seen here in 'Birds Nest Hollow', Plumstead Common Road. 
RT 924 - JXN 302 
March 1976 

Photograph. John King

.53 Plumstead Common stand at dusk

53 Routemaster RM 73. VLT 73 from Plumstead Garage (AM). This picture is at dusk in 
August 1967.
The bus is on the bus stand  in Warwick Terrace, Plumstead Common. The 53 normally worked from Camden Town to Plumstead Common, except on Sunday when it went to Plumstead Garage via Kings Highway.
There were also a few garage journeys on weekdays
Photograph. John King

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