Plumstead Corner

Plumstead High Street on a Sunday in  May 1971. The turning to the left of the picture is Rockmount Road, and to the right, Church Manorway. The church, behind the trees is St Nicholas.
The bus is RT 4017. LUC 176, which is proceding to Bexleyheath Garage on service 122 which is from Plumstead garage(AM). Further back along the road is another AM bus, a 122a which used MB type buses. See picture at bottom of page.
Photograph. John King.

This is Plumstead Corner, the junction of Plumstead High Street with Wickham Lane. The other end of Wickham Lane is Welling Corner. RT1366. KXW 465 on service 122 has just pulled out of the turning. The 122 started as a Woolwich - Bexleyheath Route, but was extended to Crystal Palace. Now the original part of the route has been discontinued, and only runs from the new Plumstead Garage to Crystal Palace. In Trolleybus days the 122 terminated on the forecourt of Bexleyheath trolleybus depot.
A Sunday picture in May 1971
Photograph. John King.

RT 830. JXN 208 on service 96 near Plumstead Corner on the way to Dartford on a Sunny Sunday in May 1971. The conductor however has forgoten to change the rear blind, which still shows Woolwich, Parsons Hill. 
Church Manorway is on the left and Rockmount Road on the right, with Bostal Hill stretching away in the distance.
The 96 was the ex trolleybus route 696. I other parts of London trolleybuses were replaced by routemaster buses (RM) Here is SE London it was RTs.
Photograph. John King.

RT4800 NXP942 on route 96 going to Woolwich. It is proceeding along Plumstead High Street, just passing Rockmount Road.
Photograph. John King.

Just to show all the buses were not RTs in the area here is MB 387. VLW 387G in the same is on route 122a Erith - Woolwich, via Oakhampton Crescent. The only RM buses in the vicinity were on route 53 at Plumstead Common and Woolwich.
Photograph. John King.

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