Peckham Local Routes

 MBS 443. VLW 443G On Service P1 seen at Old Kent Road, Canal Bridge.
The symbols on the front of the of the bus show in the have a coin operated turnstile entry system. It had a split entrance system, one way via turnstiles, and the other via the driver for bus passes etc. The P1 was a curcular route, New Cross - Surrey Docks - Bermondsey - Surrey Docks - New Cross. On Sundy's the route was New Cross - Surrey Docks - Old Kent Road, (Canal Bridge). Which makes this a Sunday picture. Sometime in March 1969.

The Canal Bridge crosses the old Surrey canal, (from the Surrey Docks) which has now been filled in. Before the formation of the London County Council in 1889. The Old Kent Road and Bermondsey were in Surrey, New Cross and Deptford were in Kent. They were administerd by the Metropolitan Board of Works.
Photograph. John King

A closer look at the front of MBS 443. VLW 443G. 
Photograph. John King

Robert Marsh says:-

The first picture is in Verney Road.  The tower in the background is the old water tower for the now-demolished Bonamy Estate.  To my knowledge, it used to turn left out of Verney Road and head towards Peckham Park Road from the Old Kent Road.

The second picture looks like Marmont Road in Peckham.  It looks as though the bus has turned left from Peckham High Street and is facing Goldsmith Road ready to head back towards the Old Kent Road (as indicated on the blind).  I asked my father, Jim Marsh (a former bus driver at New Cross) and he also agrees that it appears to be Marmont Road.

XA 33. CUV 33C. seen here on service P3 in Hanover Park at the junction with junction with Rye Lane. Sometime in April 1970. The P3 was a circular route both ways Peckham - Peckham Rye - Nunhead - Peckham Rye - Peckham.
Photograph. John King

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