AW Garage After Dark

RT 4745. LYF 204. on service 177 at Abbey Wood garage. The Abbey Wood terminus for the route was on Abbey Wood garage forecourt. 
This is a bus from New Cross garage (NX). It is displaying an older style intermediate destination blind, with all upper case lettering. The destination New Cross shows that this bus was on its home run.
The 177 was run by NX and AW garages.
Photograph. John King

RT 2218. KGU 143. Awaits on Abbey Wood forecourt for the return journey to Lower Sydenham Station. The rear blind has been turned in readiness.
The advertisement shows it was in the time off the 'I Back Britain' campaign to get people to buy home produced goods. Meanwhile the British manufacturers were moving production of British goods overseas.
October 1968.
Photograph. John King

RTs on Service 180 at Abbey Wood garage. This was the Abbey Wood terminal for the service. These buses are from Catford Garage (TL). One crew is ready for the off, and the one behind has just arrived, the conductor of which has probably already made the dash to the canteen to get the teas in.
The 180 was run by both TL and AW garages.
August 1968
Photograph. John King

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