Greenwich Transport History

177 RM at Greenwich
A 177 Routemaster at Greenwich High Road during the repairing of the railway bridge.
 RM 1076. 76CLT. June 1970
Photograph.  John King

RM 1751. 751 DYE. Service 177, from New Cross Garage (NX) 
A temporary bridge has been built over the old railway bridge while work was in progress on the one underneath. The road is one way east bound, the west bound traffic is using the diversion as seen in the back ground of the picture below. There was trouble with another railway bridge in Greenwich. A disused one in Lewisham Road, just past the Blackheath Hill crossroads. This was used by one of the old railway companies when they competed against each other for traffic to popular places. The station for this old line was in the background to this picture, between Stockwell Street and Burney Street. It was called Greenwich Park. (Part of this other line is still in use, Lewisham - Nunhead)
Photograph John King

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185 on temporary bridge, Greenwich.

This picture is an RT. type on service 185. (Victoria - Camberwell - Greenwich)
RT 501. HLX 318. 6 June 1970. 
Photograph. John King

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