AFC Machine Buses
Automatic Fare Collection

In 1974 LT began a three month long campaign to encourage people to use the AFC (automatic fare collection) machines on one man operated buses. From 20th May, DMSs on route 10 had the right hand half of their entrance doors painted yellow. Special yellow posters were also used.

Resting at Aldgate is DMS 1318 on route 10 showing the experimental livery.
15 June 1974
Photograph. Steve Thoroughgood.

The inside of Cobbham bus museum's SMS 369, showing the automatic fare collection equipment. As can be seen the inside of the bus has split entrance with payment to the driver using the other side of the barrier.
12 October 2003.
Photograph. John King.

MBS 443 on route P1 somewhere in the back streets of New Cross, showing the coin in the slot emblems on the front. In reality passengers were reluctant to use the machines and they were often out of use due to mechanicle problems. The machines were just to delicate to be used on buses on pot holed London roads.
March 1969. 
Photograph. John King.

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