Green Woolwich

Ha Ha Road, Woolwich
DMS 122a. This bus route was extended to go to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in the days when it was still a military hospital. It is in Stadium road a few meters back along the road. 
The bus is in a road called Ha Ha Road after the ha ha or a wall sunken in a ditch, as a hidden boundary, it is just out of the picture. 
8 July 1979 
Photograph. John King.

Woolwich High Street

An RT on service 177. Woolwich High Street. The roundabout is a new one at the ferry approach. Previously an ambulance station stood here, it was moved to the ferry approach. Woolwich power station can still be seen standing. It was demolished some years later. The High Street was also widened to a dual carriageway. 
May 1969. 
Photograph. John King.

Greens End, Woolwich

This picture and the one below are green in name only. Greens End, it was named because it was at the end of the green the sappers (military engineers, the one who dug the trenches) drilled on in the 1700s 
Woolwich has a military tradition, with an academy on the common, an ordnance factory or Royal Arsenal (the football team were once a works team). A Royal Dockyard where many wooden ships were built. It is home of the Royal Artillery. 
21 April 1978. 
RM 1441. 441 CLT on service 192 Plumstead Woodlands Estate - Lewisham. It was the last day of crew operation and the last day of buses in Greens End. 
Photograph. John King

Last day of buses in Greens end

The last day of bus operation in Greens End, Woolwich. Buses are on routes 53, 122, 161, and 192. The 192 is RM 1441. 441 CLT. 
This is the last day of crew operated  192. on the 22 April they were converted to DMS driver operation. 
21 April 1978. 
Photograph. John King.

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