RT 2659. LYR 643. On service 229 Woolwich - Orpington Station via, Erith, Bexleyheath and Sidcup. Seen here in Plumstead High Street, just passing Lakedale Road. The Alley way next to the shop in Lakedale Road is the entrance to the old yard for the Woolwich Horse Trams.
July 1970.
Photograph. John King.

MB 324. VLW 324G. on service 99 Woolwich - Upper Belvedere - Erith. This is a long standing route and still does the same journey, the termini have just changed streets. This is the same place as the above picture. This is the widest part of the street for a few yards outside Plumstead Fire Station opened 1907 by the LCC.
July 1970.
Photograph. John King.

MB 374. VLW 374G. on Service 122a in Plumstead High Street. The bus is just approaching Lakedale Road, This is where the road widens outside the Fire station. The road on the left of the picture is Kentmere Road, and a little further along can be seen Barth Road. The Honk Kong take away shop has been a restaurant of some sort or other for many years. Originally it was a Co-op funeral parlour, in the doorway inlaid into the step could be seen RACS (Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society) 

The last day of MB operation on route 122a, 4 November 1974.
Photograph John. King.

Harry Layne saus:- Yes the Hong Kong shop was a funeral parlour run by as you said, the R.A.C.S. Next door to that was a peice pudding and faggott shop, then William's a provisions shop, and then Goldthorpe's the Chemist [when I was a boy] which is now Johns hair studio. I believe there was also a shoe shop there somewhere in the middle. The sweet and paper shop was always there next to the butchers and was called Downs when I was a boy. Barclays bank used to be The London and Provincial, and I remember Mence Smiths very well from your other photo. I have actually travelled on the last tram and the last
Trolleybus in the area, when I think the fare was 2d, and the Trams actually had a posting box attatched to the back where one could post letters.

RT 2762. LYR 746, seen on route 177 in Plumstead High Street. The road on the left is Purrett Road.
April 1970.
Photograph. John King.

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