Brighton, Hove & District

Preserved, Brighton, Hove & District No 63. FUF 63. A 1939 AEC Regent with Weymann bodywork. Seen here in the vicinity of Waterloo, in October 1968.
The destination in the top picture says Clapham Museum. The route number A23 is the London to Brighton road, Croydon, Redhill, Crawley, Bolney, are towns along the way.

John Crittenden says:-
May I correct the information about FUF 63? This was a Brighton Corporation vehicle despite the fleet name. Brighton Corporation and Brighton & Hove and District had an operating agreement one consequence of which was they shared a common fleet name Brighton Hove & District. However, Corporation vehicles also had the Corporation crest which seems to be missing in your pictures. As this was in the preserved era my guess is the crests had not been applied for some reason, perhaps not available or maybe restriction by Brighton Council.

 Photographs. John King.

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