Greenwich Traffic

The Blackwall tunnel caused terrific snarl ups in Greenwich for a very long time. A breakdown, or an accident, and the traffic backed up and clogged the streets. It was so bad it was decided to build a second tunnel to take off the pressure. The second tunnel opened on 2 August 1967. These photographs taken in May 1968 show that it didn't help very much. The second picture taken around five minutes after the first show just how slowly the traffic moved. Things did improve after the new approach road was opened, traffic queued on the approach road rather than the streets of Greenwich.

The pictures show Woolwich Road looking towards Blackwall Lane. Old Woolwich Road is on the left. Trafalgar Road is behind. This sort of traffic caused massive problems for London Transport, often buses were running half an hour or more late. When out of the traffic there were more passengers to pick up, slowing the bus down again, then the ones behind would catch up. More than once a bus would be waiting in traffic in Greenwich when its timetable said it should be in the same place going the other way.

Photographs. John King


This picture shows Blackwall Lane, a few months later in September 1968. Still not much better is it..The 228a ran from Chislehurst - Sidcup - Eltham - Kidbrooke - Westcombe Hill and Blackwall Tunnel South Side. Other buses to go down Blackwall Lane were 185, and routes 108, 108a, 108b. 

Photograph. John King

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