RM on AW Forecourt

Inside the top deck of a routemaster bus on AW forecourt. Abbey Wood Road can be seen, and ahead of the bus Conference Road.. Seen in June 1970, the days before light bulbs were removed and thrown out of the windows.
Photograph. John King.

RM 1327. 327CLT. On route 180 seen in the same place as the above photograph on Abbey Wood Garage forecourt. The evening sun making the golden lettering of London Transport glow. Conference Road can be seen opposite and the Abbey Wood Post Office.
Photograph. John King.

Another bus in the same place, this time RM 739. WLT 739. There seemed to be a big thing in the 70s to advertise airlines on the sides of buses. Other favorites were the long forgotten 'Pan-Am', and TWA.
June 1970.
Photograph. John King.

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