XMS Red Arrow

XMS 7. JLA 58D. service 500, Red Arrow. (Victoria Station - Marble Arch - Victoria Station) 
At Victoria Station. March 1968 

Photograph John King

Another picture of the same bus at Victoria Station. This time in August 1968. 
Notice the sign over the station has changed in the meantime. 

Engine: AEC AH 691, 11.3 litre horizontally mounted at rear, rated at 165 bhp at 1,800 rpm. 
Transmission: Fluid flywheel and fully automatic epicyclic gearbox. 
Body: Strachans,  36 ft x 8 ft 2.5 in., with front enterance and centre exit. 73 passengers.25 seated and 48 standing. 

Photograph John King

One more view of XMS 7 at Victoria on Route 500. In August 1968. This service was introduced in 1966. This bus came from Victoria garage (GM).

Photograph John King

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