GS. Guy Single Decker

GS 10 in Abbey Wood Garage (AW) in March 1969 The garge code plate says this bus was from nearby AM (Plumstead) The GS class were used on low passenger traffic country area routes. In later days they were used as staff buses. This is why GS 10 was allocated to AM. 
GS 50 was allocated to AW. See picture here.
Photograph. John King.

A view of the inside of GS 10. in March 1969. It looks just like the standard London Transport interior of the day, and could be on almost any bus. 
Photograph. John King.

London Transport Country Buses GS 59. MXX 359. On service 494 Oxted, Crowhurst,, Lingfield, Baldwins Hill, East Grinstead. Seen at Oxted, bound for East Grinstead in 1961.
Photograph from Geoff Bannister.

GS56 MXX 356. & GS21 MXX 321. in garage (probably DG, Dunton Green) in company with RF180. Seen in October 1964.
Photograph by kind permission of Chris East

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