XA/XF Experimental Buses

XF6. CUV 56C. Seen on route 424 at Reigate Station. In the 1960s London Transport ran trials with Daimler Fleetlines on the country area routes. The Fleetlines were designated XF. This photograph captures the mood of times now gone.

XA4. CUV 4C. Seen on route 76, in Parliament Square. At the same time as the Fleetline experiment Leyland Atlanteans were tried on central area route, these were designated XA.

XA30. CUV 30C. Seen on route 424 at Alma Road, Reigate station. A red central area bus on country duties. At the same time as country area Fleetlines were used on central services. One of the routes was the 67

Another view of XF6. CUV 56C.  on route in 424 Alma Road, Reigate Station. LT central area in the end used Fleetlines (DMS) and London Country Buses as they became in 1970 bought Atlanteans (AN)
Paul Snelling Says:-

The top picture of XF6, the picture of XA30 and the lower picture of XF6 all claim to be in East Grinstead. My view is they are not.With the aid of a map I suggest they are all taken in Reigate.

The top picture of XF6 has a hill in the background. There is no where in East Grinstead a 424 could stand with hill like that. I reckon it is standing in Alma Road and the hill in the background is part of the North Downs, Quarry Hill.

XA 30 looks to be turning from Holmesdale Road into Alma Road. Note the white fence in the background and the tall telegraph pole.

The lower picture of XA 6 has also been taken in Holmesdale Road/Alma Road. Note again the fence and the telegraph pole in the background but also there is a small green sign. Possibly the sign belongs to the railway. Holmesdale Road parallels the Redhill to Reigate line and Reigate Station is here also.

Neither picture can be in East Grinstead. East Grinstead had High and Low level stations and the track was either in cutting or on high embankement. Added to which the 424 didn't serve East Grinstead Station, it ran along London Road. Any passengers for the station had to board/alight at the Fire Station which was then the nearest stop.

What we are seeing is the terminus of the 424 at Reigate Station. Looking at the map the terminating movement would be a loop from Reigate Hill Road, Holmesdale Road, Alma Road, Birkheads Road to rejoin Reigate Hill Road.

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