XF Fleetline

XF 1. CUV 51C On service 67 Wapping - Stamford Hill, at Aldgate East,  Service 67 was worked from Stamford Hill garage (SF). 
Eight of these buses were on trial in central London and were in green London Transport Country Buses livery. All were subsequently returned to the country area. 
September 1968. 
Photoraph. John King

XF 1. CUV 51C On service 67 Wapping - Stamford Hill,  at Stamford Hill September 1968. 
Photograph. John King.

XF Daimler Fleetline.
Engine: Gardner 6LX, 10.4 litre rated at 140 bhp at 1,700 rpm 
Transmission: Fluid flywheel and direct selection air operated epicyclic gearbox. 
Body: 30 ft 6 in x 8 ft. Seating 72 passengers. 41 upper deck and 31 lower. 

XF 1. CUV 51C seen  yet again at Stamford Hill in October 1968 on route 67. XFs (Fleetlines) were in green country area livery, while XAs (Atlanteens) were in red. In the end the Fleetline was chosen for the central area in the guise of the DM and DMS. 

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