Abbey Wood
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Looking through the front window of a 180 at the evening rush hour. This is at the level crossing Abbey Wood station in July 1970. Buses a coach and cars, as well as a crowd of people from the train crowd along Harrow Manorway.
RMs and RTs were working on route 180, Abbey Wood - Lower Sydenham.
Photograph. John King.

RM 738 (VLT 738) in Sewell Road, Abbey Wood. about to turn into Harrow Manorway on the last leg of the journey to Abbey Wood.
Photograph. John King.

RM 759. WLT 759 in Harrow Manorway, Abbey Wood. A summers day in July 1970. Harrow Manorway flyover now crosses the railway at this point.
Photograph. John King.

RM 22. (VLT 22) on route 177 in McLeod Road Abbey Wood. July 1970. 

The 177 replaced the old 36/38 tram routes and went from Abbey Wood to the Victoria Embankment via Westminster or Blackfriars. By the time this picture was taken the 177 only went to the Elephant and Castle with just early morning journeys to the Embankment. 

Changes to the 177 mean that it doesn't serve this road now but goes via Abbey Estate with the other end of the route diverted to Peckham.
Photograph. John King.

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