Abbey Wood Garage

Two Routemasters on route 177 in Abbey Wood garage. RM 1609. (609 DYE) is on the forecourt and is showing Elephant & Castle. The other bus is RM 731. (WLT 731).

Abbey Wood was an ex tram depot, and along with New Cross the last depot to run London Trams on 5 July 1952, next day it became a bus depot. The 177 is ex tram route 36/38 running from Abbey Wood to Victoria Embankment via either Westminster or Blackfriars.
April 1969.
Photograph. John King.

RM 326 (WLT 326) and RM 739 (WLT 739) show slightly different fronts. Both buses are on route 180. Abbey Wood - Lower Sydenham.
April 1969.
Photograph. John King.

Due to the way LT swapped bodies on buses at overhaul, the body of RM 326 is now preserved as RM 291. See Kev's bus pages for details.

RMs 1327 (327 CLT), 738 (WLT 738) and 180 (VLT 180) all peeping out of the exit of AW. The first is showing Catford Garage, the second Victoria Way, Woolwich Road. which is in Charlton. The last is still showing Abbey Wood.
Jan 1969.
Photograph. John King.


RT 2296 (KGU 325) route 161 and RM 732 (WLT732) on route 180a, at Abbey Wood garage in 1977.
Photograph. Peter Lapper.

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