AW Garage

Several drivers and conductors rest on the wall at the front of the garage on a June day in 1970. Of note is the gibson ticket machine case standing on the ground. AW  closed in 1981 and was moved to the new PD garage in Plumsted. It was subsequently demolished and replaced with housing.
Photograph. John King.

Inspectors in Abbey Wood canteen. With routes operated by three different garages terminating at the garage, various crews tended to to sit in different areas of the canteen. No doubt the inspectors sat near the window to keep an eye on bus movement whilst on their break.
June 1970.
Photograph. John King.

Crews exchange gossip before going out on the road. a 177 RT and 180 RM are parked up. The 177 was operated by AW and NX, the 180 by AW and TL. Against the wall an inspector can be seen at his telephone. Seen in the long shaddows of a November afternoon in 1970.
Photograph. John King.

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