Trolleybus Route 630

K1 class Trolleybus 1083 in Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith.  It is working to the short terminus at Fulham Palace Road Edgarley Terrace. Route 630 replaced the 30 tram in September 1937. Seen here on 7 May 1960.

P1 class Trolleybus 1709 Hammersmith Depot Route 630 lasted until stage 7 on Tuesday 19 July 1960. Being replaced by motor bus route 220. This view is on16 July 196o, a few days before the end.

Another P1 class Trolleybus, this time 1721 seen at Croydon Barracks on 16 July 1960. The route of the 630 was Harrow Road (Scrubs Lane), Shepherd's Bush, Tooting, Mitcham,  West Croydon Station. At Croydon the 630 shared the wires of the 654 for a short way. The 654 went in stage one, on 3 March 1959.

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