Woolwich Transport Museum

Here we are at the Woolwich Transport Museum in 1981. The view includes  RTL 358 (KGU 434.) The museum was sited at the junction of John Wilson Street and Grand Depot Road.
Photograph. Peter Lapper.
Several of the exibits are on view here  including a breakdown tender and an RF. Sometime in 1978.
Photograph. Peter Lapper.
A couple of buses seen in the transport museum from over the wall in John Wilson Street, on a cold winters day
January 1978.
Photograph. John King.
London Transport breakdown Tender832J, JJ4379 ex STL162. Seen in 1978 at the Woolwich Transport Museum.
Photograph. Peter Lapper.
Jonathan Rodges, had the following to say:-

Hi just stumbled across your site as I was looking for some old photo’s of my local area {Eltham} and I noticed amongst a lots of memorable bus photo’s that you mention and show the old Woolwich Transport Museum and I have a little information if you are interested, it is only a bit but all the same it’s what I know.


I worked there as a lad while it was there and the guy that run it was named Gordon, he was a great funny guy who let a lot of youngsters have a crack of restoring buses. Although mainly we tore apart the buses that were to be scrapped. I was there for many months and one of the old double deckers was used as a canteen where we would all have mugs of tea and biscuits. A short time after being there they had to move to Thamesmead, not sure of where but it was obviously in the industrial side of things. I think it was near to the local tip. I grew up over the two years or so I was helping out then I left and I believe that the museum was moved again to London. I am not sure but I thought that the transport museum in London was the same one but I may be wrong…hope this helps and keep it up, me and my best mate used to do a ‘bus project’ we would collect bus tickets and take down the bus numbers and go all over London every week during the school holidays using a 30p red bus rover…oh those were the days.

Regards Jonathan

Does anyone have anymore info on The Woolwich Transport Museum

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