Bexleyheath Market Place

Thanks to Steve Thoroughgood for permission to use his pictures for this page.

RMC 1459. 459 CLT. Service 401.
This is in the days of London Country after being transferred from London Transport Country Buses. The bus is parked in Bexleyheath Broadway In the background now would be The Broadway shopping centre. At this point a new development has been built. The road is no more. 30 March 1975.
Photograph Steve Thoroughgood

RML 2450. JJD 450D. Greenline Service 701. On its way to Gravesend. Bexleyheath Market Place, coming from the clock tower about to turn back into Bexleyheath Broadway to travel East. All the building in this picture have disappeared, except for the clock tower, seen here shrouded in scaffolding.  7 April 1975
Photograph Steve Thoroughgood

RF 180. MLL 567. Seen here in Greenline coach colours, on London Country bus service 486 on its way to Belvedere Station. Just turning out from Market Place into Bexleyheath Broadway, to travel West. 12 May 1975
Photograph Steve Thoroughgood

RMC 1459. 459 CLT. Service 401. Another view of the bus in the first picture from the near side this time. The car behind the bus is just emerging from Market Street. Just where the 486 in the picture above is coming from. This picture would be impossible to take today, this spot is probably buried under the new Sainsbury's store.
30 March 1975.
Photograph Steve Thoroughgood
The map shows the road layout at the time of the pictures, before all of the redevelopment started.

Nowhere in the whole SE London area have buildings and even streets been so totally obliterated by town planers. They have accomplished what the Luftwaffe could not, most of the enemy bombs that were dropped on the town have been discovered unexploded during redevelopment works.

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