Eltham Trams

Car 100 on service 46 in Eltham High Street cross-roads. The sign on the church wall points the way to Eltham Hill. The car will turn left now to complete the journey to Woolwich. It was at this crossroad, to the left in Well Hall Road that cars on route 44 terminated until extended to Middle Park Avenue.

This photograph shows the bottom end of Eltham Hill. This looks like car 365 on route 44 which will terminate at Middle Park Avenue, or as the locals knew it The Yorkshire Grey, on the other side of this roundabout. This is one of a batch of 50 E1s (552-601) which used tracks and equipment from the Kingsway tunnel single deck F and G class cars. These cars can be distinguished by the thick central pillar in the centre of the lower deck.

What looks like car 1906 in last tram week in Westhorne Avenue, Eltham. This was London's newest tram route opened in 1932 to serve the new estates in Eltham. This was to be linked with the routes at Grove Park. The LCC had all the necessary permission for the work, but it was never carried out as London Transport took over the network in 1933.

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