The South London Proposals

698 Eltham, via Erith & Woolwich

546 Woolwich via Lewisham & Eltham Proposals were in hand to convert the South London tram routes to trolleybus operation. The proposals were interrupted by WW2. After the war there was much deliberation it was decided to replace the trams with motor buses.

Examples of proposed routes are shown 46 tram to 546 trolleybus, it would terminate at the London end in Cannon Street rather than Southwark Bridge. Above the 698 trolleybus from Bexleyheath to Woolwich via Erith would be extended from Woolwich to Eltham to cover the 44 tram route.

The Proposed South London Routes
502     Wimbledon - Embankment via Westminster Daily
504     Wimbledon - Embankment via Blackfriars  Daily
502A   Streatham Library - Clapham - Westminster - Clapham    - Tooting, becoming 522 Mon-Sat peaks
522     Tooting - Streatham - Westminster - Streatham, becoming 502A  Mon-Sat peaks
504A  Streatham Library - Clapham - Blackfriars - Clapham  - Tooting, becoming 524 Mon-Sat peaks
524     Tooting - Streatham - Blackfriars - Streatham, becoming 504A   Mon-Sat peaks
506     Wimbledon (Sats pm) Tooting - Clapham - Cannon Street Stn   Mon-Sat peaks
508     Victoria - Clapham - Streatham - Victoria (via Tooting)   Daily
520     Victoria - Streatham - Clapham - Victoria (via Tooting)   Daily
510     Tooting - Streatham - Cannon Street Station Daily
516     Purley - Embankment via Westminster Daily
518     Purley - Embankment via Blackfriars  Daily
533     Newington Green - West Norwood  Daily
534     Battersea - Embankment via Blackfriars am peak
via Westminster pm peak Battersea - Camberwell Green off-peaks
535     Archway - Forest Hill  Daily
536     Abbey Wood - Embankment via Blackfriars Daily
538     Abbey Wood - Embankment via Westminster  Daily
540     Welling Corner - Embankment via Westminster  Daily
542     Thornton Heath - South Croydon  Daily
546     Woolwich - Cannon Street Station  Daily
548     West Norwood - Cannon Street Station Daily
552     Grove Park - Cannon Street Station  Mon-Sat peaks
554     Marvels Lane - Victoria  Daily
556     Peckham Rye - Embankment via Westminster  Daily
558     Blackwall Tunnel - Victoria  Daily
560     Goose Green - Cannon Street Station  Mon-Sat peaks
562     Forest Hill - Embankment via Blackfriars Daily
568     Greenwich - Waterloo  Daily
570     Greenwich - London Bridge  Daily
572     Woolwich - Victoria  Daily
574     Grove Park (Sats pm) Downham - Embankment via Blackfriars Daily
578     West Norwood - Victoria   Mon-Sat
631     Wandsworth - Hackney Station  Daily
Revised trolleybus routes:
612     Mitcham - London Bridge (via Lambeth Road)  Daily
626     Hammersmith - London Bridge  Daily
628     Wembley - Victoria  Daily
655     Hammersmith - Hanwell (Acton Market Place in peaks)  Daily
698     Eltham, Well Hall Station - Bexleyheath  Daily
The programme of tram to trolleybus conversions was almost the same as the one for the eventual tram to bus dates. Stages 1, 2 and 3 for trolleybuses was carried out in only two stages. Stages 9 and 10 for trolleybuses was merged into stage 8. The proposals if they had been agreed would have started in January 1945.
Follow link for tram scrapping dates.
Lt Trolleybus capacities for the tram depots were calulated as follows.
Tram depot Planned code Number of trolleybuses
Abbey Wood AW 58
Brixton Hill  no plans for trolleybus use 32
Camberwell WL 112
Clapham CA 108
New Cross NX 250
Norwood no plans for trolleybus use 40
Streatham BN 90
Thornton Heath TH 60
Wandsworth 86

More information can be found in 'London Trolleybus Routes' by Hugh Taylor. See book list.

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