London Transport Trolleybus

L3 class Trolleybus 1462. FXH 462. seen in City Road, northbound towards The Angel on route 609, Barnet Church - Moorgate. A view from 1961.

L3 class Trolleybus 1473 FXH 473. Seen in Holloway, Nags Head, outbound to North Finchley on route 621, North Fincley - Holborn. Waiting to turn from Holloway Road into Seven Sisters Road. Seen in 1961.

L3 class Trolleybus 1510, . FXH 510. Seen at Islington Green, northbound on the 609,  Barnet Church - Moorgate, bound for Barnet in 1961.
The atmosphere in the photographs is very evocative. Perhaps it is because they show an era gone forever.

All pictures on this page are from Geoff Bannister

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