Tram Track
Erith Corporation Tramways

A section of rail from Erith Corporation Tramways. This was lifted from the road outside the depot in Walnut Tree Road in 1998 when road works were undertaken. It belonged to the curve leading to the depot., and had remained under the tarmac since the replacement of the tramway by trolleybuses in November 1935.

Erith UDC tramway opened on saturday 26 August 1905 with a line from Abbey Wood, Belvedere, Erith and Northumberland Heath. Where it met the Bexley system. a branch line ran from Erith to North End. When London Transport took over the line it was numbered 98. In 1935 it became part of the 698 trolleybus route.

Map showing the tracks and depot in Walnut Tree Road in Erith. The orange shaded area shows the section from where the piece of track was lifted. A picture of Erith Tram depot can be found on the
bus and tram depot page

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