VWD 451H
Metro Scania Demonstrator

VWD 451H The Metro Scania Demonstrator, new and glistening in the lights of Abbey Wood Garage. Taken in January 1970, during the week before going to Plumstead Garage, for trials on route 99. from Saturday 24 January 1970. The RTs would be withdrawn from service on route 99 and 122a, to be replaced by MBs. This bus was to work along side the MBs for evaluation.
Photograph. John King.

Inside the Metro Scania demonstrator, looking from front to rear. The seat are the traditional LT style and patern, but of a different colour, blue instead of the more usual brown. The centre exit doors can be seen in the picture, with more seats at the front than on the buses of today.
Photograph. John King.

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