SM. AEC Swift

SM 5. (AML 5H) on route 160 seen in probably Springfield Road. The Welling, Nags Head terminus of the route. Taken on a cold looking January day in 1970.
In 1970 route 160 ran from Catford to Welling, Nags Head, via Eltham Green, Middle Park, Eltham, Eltham Park, and Welling Way. Route 160 was converted to SM from RT on 24 January 1970, so this was an early photograph, possibly the first day.
Photograph. John King.

A rear view of SM 7. (AML 7H) which has just turned into Wickham Lane from Belgrove Road, known locally as Welling Corner. Another photograph of this bus can be seen on the Single Decker Page.
Photograph. John King.

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