Roofless RT

This is what happens when you try to fit a 14 ft plus RT bus under a 13 ft bridge. The scene is at Catford Garage (TL) in September 1970 after a driver tried to get to Bell Green via Southend Lane. The 180 went this way to Lower Sydenham Station, but turned off at Worsley Bridge Road to the station. Just a few more yards past the turning is the low bridge which the driver of this bus on staff duties didn't see.
Photograph. John King.

Another picture of this RT in Catford Garage with its roof missing. The amazing thing was all the upper deck glazing was still intact, if you look in the above picture you can see the rear window hanging down unbroken. Does any one know any more details about this bus. Fleet and registration number, and what happened to the bus later, was it repaired?
Photograph. John King.

Southend Lane, Sydenham showing the low bridge.Worsley Bridge Road is the turning on the left just before the bridge. A car can be seen waiting to turn out. 
July 1970.
Photograh. John King.

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