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Reading Corparation Transport.  80. GRD 580D.
 No. 80 is a Dennis Loline III with East Lancs H38/30F bodywork. It entered service on the 16 December 1966 as one of the
trolleybus replacements for those withdrawn when the Whitley Wood trolleybus service was abandoned. It survived until 30 March 1977 when two man operation was phased out in Reading 

The photo was taken in Broad Street with service 18 heading east to Liverpool Road, a former trolleybus service abandoned on the 3 March 1968.
August 1968.
Photo John King.

Reading Corparation Transport.Bristol RE. 271. NDP 271F.Service 23
 Bristol RELL6G with Pennine B34D+35 bodywork entered service on the 8 July 1968 and survived in service until the 29 May 1981. These were trolleybus replacement vehicles that were well hated in Reading due to their design. 

The photo was taken in Broad Street and sees 271 heading north to Courtney Drive which was in the Emmer Green area.
August 1968.
Photo John King

Reading Corparation Transport. 48. 5148 DP. Service 30. Stations.
No 48 was an AEC Reliance with Neepsend B34D+26 bodywork which entered service on the 4 April 1964 and surprisingly withdrawn on the 2 July 1974. It was then transferred to Reading Borough Council and converted to a mobile exhibition unit. 

The photo is taken in Station Hill near Reading railway station and No. 48 has just arrived having been on a journey to Grovelands.

Photo John King  August 1968.

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