Plumstead Common Transport History
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An RM on route 53, seen here in Old Mill Road, Plumstead Common. At the junction the bus will turn right into Warwick Terrace, which is the bus stand, ready for the return journey to Camden Town.
At the time the 53 ran from Plumstead Common to Camden Town, via Charlton, Blackheath, New Cross, Old Kent Road, Westminster and Oxford Circus. Now it only goes from Plumstead to Oxford Circus.
The Old Mill public house which can be seen ahead of the bus was one a real mill, which ground corn. It gradually became into disrepair, with the sail eventually falling off. In circa 1848 it began to sell beer.
March 1976.
Photograph. John King.

RT 3911. LLU 710 on service 192, looking shiny after its repaint. probably the last it will get, is making its way towards Griffin Road and Plumstead Station. The road to the right is part of Warwick Terrace. The bus is currently in Waverly Crescent.
The 192 route was Plumstead Woodlands Estate, via Plumstead Common, Plumstead Station, Woolwich, Herbert Road, Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath and Lewisham. Now replace by 291 to Woolwich. The 178 replaced it to Lewisham bus has now been curtailed to Kidbrooke. From Kidbrooke to Lewisham is the 278.
March 1976.
Photograph. John King.

An RT in 'The Hollow', Plumstead Common Road, on route 51 making its way to Woolwich, in March 1976.

The Five idlers of Plumstead Common.

The Star which doesn't shine in the sky,
The Woodman who doesn't cut down trees,
The Ship that cannot sail the seas,
The Mill which doesn't grind corn
And Who'd a Thought it!

Of course some of the pubs have changed their names as is the modern trend. 
Photograph. John King.

RT 924. JXN 302. making its way down 'Birds Nest Hollow' Plumstead Common Road.  Service 51. Woolwich - Farnborough, via Welling, Sidcup and Orpington. The 51 was operated by Sidcup Garage, (SP).
March 1976.
Photograph. John King.

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